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cDNA prep module + UDI set

Compatible with MERCURIUSTM product line

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Total number of UDI pairs

Each UDI pair allows you to prepare one more library in addition to the four already included in the native BRB-seq and DRUG-seq kits (4 UDI pairs).

4 8 12
Custom format


The MERCURIUS™ UDI Sets are compatible with the BRB-seq and DRUG-seq kits and contain the respective cDNA prep module and additional UDI pairs.



Increased flexibility for more libraries sequenced on the same lane.


Compatible with all MERCURIUS™ products

Including BRB-seq, DRUG-seq and Organoid DRUG-seq kits.

How it works?

Asset 8-2

Product Specifications


cDNA prep modules and the UDI set

Compatible with

Available formats

4x, 8x and 12x UDI pairs

*To note: in addition to the 4x pairs already included in the BRB-seq/DRUG-seq kits

Shipping conditions

Dry ice

Storage conditions


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