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DRUG-seq accessories 

Cell and organoid Lysis Modules


Cell Lysis Module

Organoid Lysis Module

Catalog number #10351 #10352 #10361 #10362
Number of samples The total number of samples that can be lysed with the provided volume. 96

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  • Benefits

    The MERCURIUS™ DRUG-seq Cell and Organoid Lysis Modules provide a convenient solution to lyse cell lines or organoids and proceed directly to downstream enzymatic reactions without the need for prior RNA extraction.



    No more need for RNA extraction

    An optimized lysis buffer for complete lysis and efficient reverse transcription.

    Compatible with cell lines and organoids

    From adherent or suspension cells to organoids and spheroids.


  • Experimental workflow at a glance


    Cell Lysis Module


    Asset 7-2



    Organoid Lysis Module


    Asset 2-May-17-2023-01-18-13-2394-PM


  • Product specifications

    For use with

    Cells: #10351 and #10352

    Organoids: #10361 and #10362

    Compatible with

    DRUG-seq and Organoids DRUG-seq kits

    Validates species

    Cells: HEK293, HeLa, HepG2, Huh7, MCF-7, A549, GM12878, HAP-1, iNeurons, NIH/3T3

    Organoids: human colorectal cancer, intestinal and liver organoids

    Available formats

    96 and 384 samples

    Shipping conditions

    Dry ice

    Storage conditions



  • Depending on the product selected, our lysis modules provide enough volume to lyse 96 or 384 samples per module.

    For a detailed lysis procedure and the recommended cell number per well, please check the DRUG-seq User Guide or the Organoid DRUG-seq User Guide.

  • While the compatibility has been validated on the MERCURIUSTM DRUG-seq and Organoid DRUG-seq library prep kits, in principle, it should be compatible with any other enzymatic reactions.

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