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Organoid DRUG-seq service

DRUG-seq boosts screening efforts based on RNA-seq by combining the RNA extraction-free, with massively multiplexed sample barcoding and extreme cost scalability.

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Bulk RNA sequencing at scale

Massively multiplexed RNA-seq offers unparalleled cost and throughput scalability.


Ideal for projects of all sizes

You can trust us. We have ran projects from as low as 6 samples to as many as 100'000.


Fast turnaround times

From samples to data in as fast as 1.5 months.

What we do


Organoid DRUG-seq service

The MERCURIUS™ Organoid DRUG-seq service offers the most comprehensive, high-throughput and cost-efficient solution for gene expression analysis projects starting from 3D organoids or spheroids.

As part of the Organoid DRUG-seq service, we send our clients a proprietary Lysis Buffer, optimized for both organoid and spheroid lysis and downstream enzymatic reactions, without having to perform RNA isolation in between.

After mixing the Lysis Buffer with their samples, the client sends us the organoid/spheroid lysates, which are then ready to be processed in the DRUG-seq workflow.

By leveraging the advantages of the Organoid DRUG-seq system, such as cost-efficiency and high throughput, we can offer the most competitive price and turnaround time on the market.

As a result of our service, our clients receive raw sequencing data (fastq files), gene count matrices, and analysis reports files.

Optional downstream differential gene expression analysis is also available upon request.


How does it work

  • ​Alithea ships the Organoid Lysis Buffer

  • Client transfers the lysates to the provided well plate

    Sample preparation guidelines for MERCURIUSTM Organoid DRUG-seq service 
  • Client ships samples to Alithea

    Sample submission form for MERCURIUSTM Organoid DRUG-seq service
  • 2 days

    MERCURIUS™ Organoid DRUG-seq for Illumina®

  • 1 week

    Library QC - Client Checkpoint

    (Qubit, Fragment analyzer, shallow sequencing)
  • 1.5 weeks

    Deep sequencing - Illumina

  • 1 week

    Data analysis and reporting - Client Checkpoint

  • Data

  • Optional: Alithea performs Differential Gene Expression analysis​


  • To guarantee high quality data, we normally request that each sample contains at least 200ng of total RNA in at least 10μl.
  • In addition to total RNA amount, it is important that the samples contain RNA of high integrity (RIN > 6) and are devoid of contaminants (Nanodrop A260/A230 between 1.8 and 2.2).
  • BRB-seq is 3’-end RNA sequencing method and, as such, requires significantly less sequencing as compared to standard full-length RNA-seq in order to reach accurate gene quantification. We therefore normally recommend to sequence 4 to 5 million reads for each sample, which enables the reliable and unbiased detection of over 18’000 genes.
  • As part of our standard service pipeline, we align the generated data to the genome of choice, provide a detailed report on the alignment and gene counting statistics and, finally, provide ready-to-use gene count matrices for downstream analysis.

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