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High sensitivity BRB-seq service

The power of massively multiplexed RNA-seq, now compatible with low-input RNA samples, as low as 100pg per sample.

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High sensitivity for low-input RNA

From as low as 100pg per sample.


Bulk RNA sequencing at scale

Massively multiplexed RNA-seq offers unparalleled cost and throughput scalability.


Ideal for projects of all sizes

You can trust us. We have ran projects from as low as 6 samples to as many as 100'000.


Fast turnaround times

From samples to data in as fast as 1.5 months.

What we do


High sensitivity BRB-seq Service

The MERCURIUS™ High sensitivity BRB-seq service offers a convenient and streamlined solution for transcriptomics projects with a limited input amount of RNA (starting from 100pg per sample).

Clients can send us purified RNA samples, which are always quality-checked before launching our BRB-seq pipeline. During the process, we always keep clients informed at the defined checkpoints so that we can decide together how to best proceed to the next steps.

Next-generation sequencing and data pre-processing (including alignment to the genome of choice) are also part of our standard service. As a result, we provide our clients raw data, sequencing and alignment reports, and gene count matrices which can be used for downstream gene expression analysis.


How does it work

  • Client prepares the samples

    Sample preparation guidelines for low-input RNA
  • Client sends submission form

    Sample submission form for MERCURIUSTM High sensitivity RNA BRB-seq
  • Client ships samples to Alithea

  • 1 week

    Incoming QC - Client Checkpoint

    (Nanodrop, Ribogreen, Tapestation)
  • 2 days

    MERCURIUS™ High sensitivity BRB-seq library preparation for Illumina®

  • 1 week

    Library QC - Client Checkpoint

    (Qubit, Fragment analyzer, shallow sequencing)
  • 1.5 weeks

    Deep sequencing - Illumina

  • 1 week

    Data analysis and reporting - Client Checkpoint

    Example of sample report
  • Data

  • Optional: Alithea performs Differential Gene Expression analysis​


  • To guarantee high quality data, we normally request that each sample contains at least 200ng of total RNA in at least 10μl.
  • In addition to total RNA amount, it is important that the samples contain RNA of high integrity (RIN > 6) and are devoid of contaminants (Nanodrop A260/A230 between 1.8 and 2.2).
  • BRB-seq is 3’-end RNA sequencing method and, as such, requires significantly less sequencing as compared to standard full-length RNA-seq in order to reach accurate gene quantification. We therefore normally recommend to sequence 4 to 5 million reads for each sample, which enables the reliable and unbiased detection of over 18’000 genes.
  • As part of our standard service pipeline, we align the generated data to the genome of choice, provide a detailed report on the alignment and gene counting statistics and, finally, provide ready-to-use gene count matrices for downstream analysis.

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