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Targeted DRUG-seq service

Targeted RNA-seq combined with extraction-free RNA, massive sample multiplexing and extreme cost scalability.

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Custom-developed panels

Users communicate their targets of interest, and we will develop ad-hoc detection panels.


Up to

Experimentally validated panels for differential expression analysis.


No prior RNA extraction needed

An optimized lysis buffer for RNA solubilization.


Minimal sequencing cost

By only sequencing the targets, sequencing costs are drastically decreased.

What we do


Targeted DRUG-seq service

The MERCURIUS™ Targeted DRUG-seq service offers the most comprehensive, high-throughput and cost-efficient solution for targeted gene expression analysis projects starting from 2D cell cultures.

As part of the Targeted DRUG-seq service, clients share their genes of interest with us, we develop a corresponding custom detection panel and validate it directly on their RNA samples. 

As part of the Targeted DRUG-seq service, we send our clients a proprietary Cell Lysis Buffer which is optimized for both cell lysis and downstream enzymatic reactions, without having to perform RNA extraction in between.

After mixing the Lysis Buffer with their cells, the client can return their cell lysates to us to be used for panel validation.

Once the targeted gene panel validation is complete, we will inform the client that the dedicated service is correctly established and that we are ready to receive their test samples.

By combining the advantages of the targeted approach with the DRUG-seq system, up to 100 different genes can be assessed across tens to thousands of samples in parallel, significantly reducing the time and costs associated with library preparation and sequencing.

As a result of our service, our clients receive raw sequencing data (fastq files), gene count matrices and analysis reports files.

Optional downstream differential gene expression analysis are also available upon request.


How does it work

  • Client communicates the genes of interest panel

    Gene panel submission form for Targeted BRB-seq or Targeted DRUG-seq
  • Alithea ships the Cell Lysis Buffer

  • Client transfers the lysates to the provided well plate

    Sample submission guidelines for MERCURIUSTM  Targeted DRUG-seq service
  • Client ships the cell lysates to Alithea for targeted gene panel validation

  • 4 to 8 weeks

    Alithea develops and validates the custom detection panel on customer's samples - Client Checkpoint

  • Client ships the lysates of the test samples for Targeted DRUG-seq library prep

    Sample submission form for MERCURIUSTM  Targeted DRUG-seq service
  • 2 days

    MERCURIUS™ Targeted DRUG-seq library prep for Illumina and AVITI

  • 1 week

    Library QC - Client Checkpoint

    (Qubit, Fragment analyzer)
  • 1.5 weeks

    Sequencing - Illumina / AVITI

  • 1 week

    Data analysis and reporting - Client Checkpoint

  • Data

  • Optional: Alithea performs Differential Gene Expression analysis​


  • The recommended range of input material is in the range of 5’000-50’000 cells..

  • Targeted DRUG-seq is a 3’-end RNA sequencing method that requires significantly less sequencing than standard BRB-seq to achieve accurate gene quantification. Therefore, we recommend sequencing 100 reads per target for each sample, which enables reliable detection of the targeted genes.
  • As part of our standard service pipeline, we align the generated data to the genome of choice, provide a detailed report on the alignment and gene counting statistics and, finally, provide ready-to-use gene count matrices for downstream analysis.

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