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We officially launched the FFPE-seq service!
ASHG 2023
We doubled the lysis buffer volume!
Plant BRB-seq is NOW available!
High sensitivity BRB-seq kit is NOW OPEN to beta testing!
cDNA prep module + UDI set NOW available!
Cell and Organoid Lysis Modules are NOW available!
PMES 2023
ABRF 2023
We officially launched today library preparation kits for MGI!
DRUG-seq kits are NOW available!
Gb-to-Milion reads converter
Plant and Animal Genome 2023
Festival of Genomics and Biodata 2023
Happy to share the results of our collaboration with INTEGRA Biosciences
Advances in Genome Biology and Technology
We officially launched a Eurostars-funded €1M collaboration
High sensitivity low-input BRB-seq service is NOW available!
It's been 1year since Biopole Start-up Fund!