Cell Lysate BRB-seq
Extraction-free kits for Illumina®

RNA-seq library preps directly from cell lysates without prior RNA isolation.

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Why choose our MERCURIUS™ Extraction-free Cell Lysate BRB-seq kits for Illumina®

The Extraction-free Cell Lysate BRB-seq kits contain all the oligos and enzymes needed to go from 2D cell cultures and organoids to sequencing-ready DNA libraries.

The generated 3' mRNA-seq data is ideally suited for differential gene expression analysis in the screening setting.

As compared to other bulk 3' mRNA-seq solutions, BRB-seq makes it possible to process virtually any number of cell line samples in one single tube, which helps drastically reduce technical variation, turnaround times and costs. 

The particular aspect of the Cell Lysate BRB-seq workflow is the addition of proprietary lysis buffer, which enables complete lysis of the cellular material while still being compatible with downstream enzymatic reactions.

Each kit contains enough reagents (including Unique Dual Indexing oligos) to prepare up-to four sequencing libraries.

After sequencing, the generated data can be easily demultiplexed and aligned to the genome of choice using our dedicated cloud-based pipeline, which does not require prior bioinformatic experience.


RNA sequencing for high-throughput screening

More samples, more replicates. Robust results, significant discoveries.


Streamlined data analysis

Demultiplex and analyze BRB-seq data with our easy-to-use cloud-based pipeline.

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No need for prior RNA extraction

An optimized lysis buffer ensure complete cellular lysis while maintaining comaptibility for downstream enzymatic reactions.


One-day lab workflow

From sample to sequencing-ready library in one day and proven compatibility with automated solutions.

How our MERCURIUS™ Extraction-free Cell Lysate BRB-seq for Illumina® kits could advance your next discovery

  • 1. Cell Lysis and RNA solubilization

  • 2. Reverse Transcription

  • 3. Samples Pooling

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  • 4. Second strand synthesis

  • 5. Tagmentation

  • 6. Library indexing and amplification

  • 7. Library QC and sequencing


Product Specifications

For use with (application)
3' mRNA sequencing
For use with (equipment)
Illumina NGS instruments
Validated species
Human and mouse cell lines. Organoids.
Species compatibility
All eukaryotic species
Available formats
24, 96, 384 reactions
Shipping conditions
Dry ice
Storage conditions

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How to use our positive control RNA

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  • Each BRB-seq kit contains reagents (including four pairs of Unique Dual Indexing adapters) sufficient for the complete library preparation process for four different BRB-seq pools.

    To note, the total number of RNA samples that can be processed with one kit does exceed the kit specifications; for instance, a 96-samples kit can be used to prepare up-to 96 samples distributed across up-to four different libraries.

  • The recommended range of input material is in the range of 5’000-50’000 cells.
  • The only difference between BRB-seq and standard RNA-seq data analysis is the demultiplexing step, which is used to assign sequencing reads to their sample of origin based on the BRB-seq barcode sequence.

    For a thorough description of BRB-seq data processing, please refer to the BRB-seq kit user guide. In order to facilate as much as possible BRB-seq data analysis, we have also created a dedicate pipeline which can be found in our “SOFTWARE” page.

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